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Shortly after the landing of a large meteorite in a farmer's cornfield, an unexplained phenomenon began to make the locals act… peculiar.

Reports of their aggressive and irrational behavior caught the attention of authorities and a special government containment team was deployed to study, analyze and quarantine.

Not long after deployment, communications were lost and the team’s fate is unknown.

Try to control your terror as you weave your way through fields, military tents and the farmhouse to confront the creatures within.

Will you be the next one infected?



Infected is an interactive attraction.

Visitors entering Infected will be faced with an important decision:

  • Should you explore the farm and just watch the action?
  • Or should you "mark" yourself to truly interact with the creatures within?

Those who opt-in for a truly interactive experience may be grabbed, held back, sent into hidden rooms, removed from their group or even forced to remain…

Choose wisely.

(Customers must be 18 years old to "mark" themselves)

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