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SCREAM-A-GEDDON Reviews Reviews From Yelp


Erica L. , Tarpon Springs, FL SCREAM-A-GEDDON Reviews

"As a former Hunted house operator for the past 4 year in Tarpon Springs this has my "CHOP" of approval. Now that our house is closed in Tarpon springs and I had a break this season I went to Scream-A-Geddon. This is not your Over the top Fake haunt like other big corporate parks do. This haunt comes from the "GUTS" at first I did not want to tell a Soul about the death I found. But thought I would share this with my other sickthings. This is a Scream of a good time. Food, Games, Beer but do not drink too much or you might just pee yourself! Oh yea 5 Haunted Houses with a Killer hay ride to hell. It truly is a Horror park. Given the chance I will go and I will bring more living souls to help save me from this living Nightmare."


Tracy V. Sarasota, FL

"Very well done! I had an awesome time. The attractions were well done and the staff was very friendly from the parking attendants to the workers inside, great customer service. There was no crowds, so no lines, we zipped through all the attractions multiple times, much better than fighting the crowds at universal and Busch Gardens. I highly recommend it and was surprised actually that more people weren't there but that suited me fine cause there was no lines!!! The only thing is they should have made the pricing more competitive to the other parks, especially since it was the first year in Florida. Other than that, well worth the trip!!"



SCREAM-A-GEDDON Reviews Reviews From Facebook


Jae Hunter  (Facebook User)

"Had an AWESOME time last year, definitely going this year and getting my friends to experience it as well!! I've been raving about it all year! Can't WAIT!!!"


Morgan MacDonald  (Facebook User)

"I attended this Halloween event last year and it was so good I had to come back twice and bring family members because they couldn't believe that they actually touched you in the haunted houses if you allowed them by wearing a glow necklace ! we are thrillseeker's I would have to say for your average person this might be a little much"


Christina Varnedoe  (Facebook User)

"5 star Amazin cast and crew. A must do.. Well worth the time and money."


Stacy Mihoch Stevenson (Facebook User)

"Hands down best haunted houses in the area especially for the price! Group of us went last weekend had a blast! Was there from they opened and we closed the place down! Not only wee the haunted houses put together awesome the interaction with the staff and actors was like no other! Will definitely be going back!"


SCREAM-A-GEDDON Reviews Review From


Staff at

"Scream-a-geddon is built on 60 acres of old Florida forest. The horror park doesn’t open until September 25th, but they gave us a sneak peek at their haunts. And we were impressed. Even though it’s not far from Tampa Bay, you’ll feel a world away from the big city. The first thing you see is the carnival-themed Monster Midway, filled with carnival games, food, beer, bonfires, and, of course, plenty of monsters wandering around. The five other haunts sprawl out from the midway, the three outdoor attractions and two indoor ones. Bedlam 3D is a psychedelic assault on your senses built around insane cannibal clowns. The 3D effects and disorienting setting amplify the scares as you wind and twist your way through a haunt filled with creepy clowns. 3D clown haunts are a popular theme in haunts, but this one brings a little something special to the table. Pandemic, the other indoor haunt, is built around the “laboratory experiments gone wrong” storyline. Inside the haunt you’ll find intricate sets built around a destroyed laboratory, and plenty of monsters. The big thing that makes Pandemic stand out is the interactive element. Opt in by wearing a glowing necklace and you’ll be grabbed or redirected by the monsters for an extra terrifying experience. But don’t worry. If it gets too be much you can always take off the necklace to rejoin your group. Many haunted houses would be content with the two indoor attractions, but Scream-a-geddon earns its mention by going that extra mile on the outdoor attractions. Deadwoods takes you along a trail that winds through the woods populated with the murderous Tate family. The dark woods pull in around you as you wind from building to building, and at any moment you could have someone jump out of the woods for a good scare. Expect a lot of creeps, chills, and good old fashioned startle scares. Outdoor mazes have long been a favorite Halloween feature, and the guys behind Scream-a-geddon take it to the next level with their Infected attraction. This outdoor feature is built around the legend of locals infected by a strange meteorite. The attraction has a mix of good sets, skilled makeup, chilling effects, and unexpected startles to keep you on edge the whole attraction. The flagship attraction of Scream-a-geddon is the Cursed Hayride. For this attraction they created an entire western town that has been cursed with immortality. The sets have been intricately put together to be creepily realistic. Your ride takes you through gun battles, past horrific sights, and right into the heart of this spine-tingling attraction. It’s a commitment to the attraction that’s worth the admission on its own."